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Title: Sun in the Daytime, Moon at Night
Author: Susan / apckrfan
Disclaimer: I don't own any characters. They belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. No profit is made from this fic.
Rating: FRT / PG-13
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Buffy/Angel
Prompt: #33: Long-Separated Lovers
Word Count: 2,093
Summary: Angel goes in search of Buffy when he sees her in the tabloids one too many times. This is pure, unadulterated fluff!
Author's Notes: This is written for IWRY Fic Marathon 2007
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I don't like the way LiveJournal keep seeming to change their TOS without telling anyone and their guidelines are awfully vague about what is and isn't allowed. They're getting awfully eager to ban people without any appeal too, so although I'm still posting all my stuff to LJ (with all my challenges I kind of have to) I now consider IJ my permanent home.

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Magic Bordello Xover AU 50 thirdtimeunder
Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Harry Potter 10 st4r_pl314d3s
General Series Magnificent 7 50 earthequality
CSI:NY General Fandom 50 scoob2222
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General Series Supernatural 25 my_sam_dean



See notes at bottom for explanations

I've decided you can claim either the whole table or twenty five prompts or ten prompts. I'm not setting up new tables for those though, just pick from the big table and post your own adapted version of the table to your lj. If you can't make your own table you can go here to create one

01. Pirate King and Captive 02. Arabian Sheik 03. Master and Slave 04. Barbarian Warrior and Captive 05. Stranded in the Storm
06. Cop and a victim or witness he's protecting 07. Spy v Spy 08. Vampire and Human 09. Witch and non-Witch 10. Boss and Employee
11. Unexpected baby [a] 12. Master of the Manor and Governess 13. Rich Lord and a Poor Orphan trying to save her Home or Family 14. Prim Frontier Schoolmistress and a Civil War Veteran trying to escape his Past 15. On Opposite sides [b]
16. Indian Brave and Settler 17. Teacher and Single Parent 18. Investigator and Client [c] 19. Frontier Doctor and a Patient who is a Wanted Man 20. At the Rodeo
21. Rugged Rancher/Cowboy and a City Girl 22. Cop and an Amnesiac Accident Victim 23. Spoiled Rich Girl and a Poor Boy 24. Grieving Widower and his Neighbour/Workmate 25. Fleeing an Unwanted Suitor
26. Escaped Prisoner and his Hostage 27. Bachelor Auction 28. Wake up Married 29. Mail Order Bride 30. Mistaken Identity
31. Hooker and Wealthy Client 32. Fireman and Rescued Victim 33. Long-Separated Lovers 34. Ski Instructor and Snow Bunny 35. Cop and Suspect
36. Playboy and his more serious Neighbour or Employee 37. Willing to do Anything for Money 38. Secret Royalty 39. Divorcee and a Mysterious Stranger 40. Must Marry to Inherit
41. Trophy Wife and Chauffeur/Pool Boy [d] 42. Nobleman and Penniless Orphaned Relative 43. Highwayman 44. Princess and Bodyguard 45. Running from an Arranged Marriage and Falling for a Stranger who turns out to be the Groom
46. Blackmailed into Marriage 47. Indecent Proposal 48. He swore off women after being hurt, they're all deceitful. Then he met her, but what is she hiding? 49. Marriage as a Business Arrangement 50. Revenge

[a] I don't mean a pregnancy I mean finding a baby on the doorstep, getting a call from a lawyer to say your ex had a baby and your now the guardian, having to care for a baby after a plane crash where you're the only survivors etc

[b] Civil War, family feud, Romeo and Juliet etc

[c] I had someone suggest PI and someone suggest a psychic investigator, this fits either or anything else along those lines you can think up.

[d] Or gardener or game keeper or any other job along those lines.




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How many things can I claim?

There is no limit as long as you are working on them all at the same time. If you genuinely believe you can work on ten claims at the same time without neglecting any of them, who am I to stop you? You're clearly insane, but that's your problem, not mine.

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Yes but state that when you claim and how many fics you'll each be writing

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Up to three people can claim any specific thing at one time. However, if three people already have CSI that doesn't mean people can't claim Gil/Sara or Nick/Warrick or anything else they fancy.

What's the minimum or maximum length?

At least 100 words. No word limit, write as much as you like.

What ratings are accepted here?

Any and all. Just give adequate warnings and hide anything R or above behind a cut please/

Are crossovers allowed?

Absolutely. As long as your claimed character/pairing/fandom is featured you can do whatever you want with them

Is Real Person Fic allowed?

Yes it is as long as it's clearly labelled as such.

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No. One prompt per story.

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What if there's a prompt I just can't write for?

Since I didn't give you any writer's choice prompts you can replace up to five of your prompts with other appropriate prompts. This only applies to people writing all fifty. If you've chosen less you have to write all the prompts you chose.

What do you mean by appropriate?

It has to be a scenario that would be found in a romance novel of the Harlequin Romance/Mills and Boone type.

So are you looking for trashy romance stories?

Not necessarily. The basic set up has to be a romance cliché. i.e. He was a dashing pirate captain, she was an innocent young girl travelling to the Americas to marry the man her father had chosen. Etc. How you actually handle it it up to you but if you can work other romance novel clichés in (the inevitable misunderstandings, the convoluted reasons why they can't live happily ever after – until they suddenly can in the final chapter and so on). It does have to be a romance of some kind however and it should end with the characters together in the end. But you don't have to mimic the style of romance authors.

Do I have to write them in order?

Absolutely not.

Can I apply fic to more than one challenge?

It's okay with us as long as it's okay with the other community that you're writing for. The finished fics can of course go wherever you want.

Does my character/pairing/fandom have to be in the story?

Yes, that is the point

Are there any deadlines?

Deadlines? What are those? No but if you're not posting and there's a wait for the claim, I'll contact you to see if you're still interested.

Headers and cuts:

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