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Romance Novel Challenge

Romance Novel Challenge
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Romance Novel Challenge

What is it?

Yet another challenge comm. This one is inspired by Harlequin Romances. Take your favourite character/pairing/moresome and put them into the clichéd scenario that is the basis of a romance novel. We're looking for you to take the prompt and put a new spin on it. Make it work for your characters and write us a realistic romance. No deadlines, no stress.


1. No flaming! - Respect your fellow writers.
2. All ratings, all fandoms are found here. If you don't like something, don't read it
3. Read the FAQ and do as it says. If I have to moderate you because you repeatedly ignore it I'm going to get grumpy and no one likes a grumpy Joe

If you want to affiliate with us comment on the claims post and ask.

What to do

1. Check if your claim is free here, read the FAQ here, read the themes here.
2. Join the comm (only people I approve can post, if you don't join I can't approve you and then you can't post your fic)
3. Claim here
4. When you're done announce it here.
5. If you have to, drop your claim here.

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